iAvataar is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) specialist company with offices in Australia and India.

People behind iAvataar initiative are professionals in Life Sciences, Social Sciences and Engineering expertise, with many years of experiences in variety of fields, which include Information Technology, computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Education, Government, Defence, Aviation, Telecommunications and Publishing, Warehousing and Logistics, and real Estate. The team is motivated to build support systems in societal applications for individuals, and to build applications to managing critical environments, when human support is difficult or not available. It is intended that iAvataar learning systems can replace “Humans”, in advising and managing the situations.

iAvatar’s vison is to build autonomous systems, an ultimate and near replica of the Original System, capable of operating independently, without referring back to the original source. The replica systems are designed based on AI Algorithms and Machine Learning capabilities. These systems are trained based on rules, behaviour and deep learning capabilities.

We provide special expertise in research, development and program execution.

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