Autonomous Systems

Contextually aware Autonomous Systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

iAvataar’s focus is the development of “autonomous” systems and solutions, with applications in Defence, Civilian and Social environments, revolving around Artificial Intelligence based continues learning modules or sub systems. These systems are capable of operating independently, when required, without ongoing input from the original system, in the event of a communication break down between the original system and the replicate system.

The heart of the solutions is the development of continuous learning modules with inputs from the original system or a combination of systems to be replicated. Learnings are facilitated by multiple media inputs, which can include text, voice, video, and the behaviour pattern. Replicate Systems can learn from collective inputs from multiple sub-systems or a single complex system. The original complex systems would be “reason” based and “Contextual Driven Awareness” capable, which when replicated will be near equal to the original system with similar capabilities in terms of “Reasoning”, and “Contextual Awareness”, for a decision making.



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